Green Energy Group

Fernanda Gomes de Mendonça

Fernanda Gomes de Mendonça

MSc Student (Brazil)

Current Research:  During my internship in the group my research project was focused on the synthesis and characterization of N-hydroxyamidine ligands and their metallic complexes. Bis-hydroxyamidines and long chain hydroxyamidines were synthesized and characterized, and their photo and electrochemical properties will be studied.

Bio:  I was born in Brazil, where I am a current MSc Student at Federal University of Minas Gerais. During my undergraduation, I had the chance to do a three-month internship at the Green Energy Group in 2012, as a participant of Mitacs Globalink Program. During this internship I had the chance to meet amazing people (like the ones of the group) and amazing places. Montreal is a lovely city, which I adopted as mine.

Favorite Thing about the Group:  Everything! The people are awesome and the research is fantastic. I learned so many things during my internship that I will take for all my academic life. And I am still a member of Club Club!